During these days, Ana Radulescu and Herbert Paulischin work on analyzing the results of the survey related to the topic: Social workers have Human Rights! How do we advocate for ourselves and for the profession?

We received a total of 859 answers from 27 countries. We would like to thank you for taking time out to participate in our survey.

The results will be presented on the Delegates Meeting of IFSW Europe that is going to take place on Zagreb in mai 2016.

The analysis will be used as a basis for discussion that take place during the seminar: Human Rights violations and Challenges of Social Workers across Europe (Zagreb on 16 of May).

Social workers are invited to take part in a consultation by filling in this questionnaire. The consultation will provide insight into the ways the social workers advocate for themselves and for their profession.

This questionnaire is not related to how social workers help individuals to grow aware of and exercise their rights. It rather focuses on how social workers use human rights principles to inform about, promote and assert their profession in the society. The results of this questionnaire will be presented at the 2016 IFSW European Delegates Meeting in Croatia.

The questionnaire is launched by the Social Workers Associations of Austria (OBDS) and Romania (ASproAS) together with the Human Right Group of International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW).

Look for the language you would like to fill the questionnaire:

Questionnaire available in Arabic

Questionnaire available in Armenian 

Questionnaire available in Azerbaijani

Questionnaire available in Bulgarian

Questionnaire available in Croatian 

Questionnaire available in English

Questionnaire available in Finnish

Questionnaire available in French

Questionnaire available in German

Questionnaire available in Greek

Questionnaire available in Italian

Questionnaire available in Polish

Questionnaire available in Portuguese

Questionnaire available in Romanian

Questionnaire available in Russian

Questionnaire available in Sloven

Questionnaire available in Turkish

We cordially thank our friends and colleagues for their support in translating the questionnaire and giving us feedback on specific “laguage traps” related to terms and descriptions:

Anca Dima si Casina Ursu for the Italian translation; 

Adriana Pantelimon for the Romanian translation; 

Vassiliki Sotiropoulou for the Greek translation; 

Andrzej Gocłowski for the Polish translation;

Raed Amira for Arabic translation; 

Dr. Irina L. Pervova and Nazakat Balabayova for the Russian translation;

Maria Moritz for the German translation;

Kristiina Koskiluoma for the Finnish translation;

Miglena Baldjieva for Bulgarian translation;

Gunel Soltanova for the Azerbaijan translation;

Hakan Acar for the Turkish translation;

Alina Costin for the French translation;

Manane Petrosyan for the Armenian translation;

Marta Mascarenhas for the Portuguese translation; 

Tanja Katkić Stanić for the Croatian translation; 

Olga Zechner for the Slovene translation; 


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