The conference in answering the needs identified by the managers of the social services, as well as by social workers working in public and private social services in Romania.

In 2015 CFCECAS, together with Terre des hommes Romania, conducted a national research on training needs identified by social services staff. According to the results:

  • 40% of respondents identified the need for training in modern methods to be used in social services;
  • 68,40% of the respondents asked for support and supervision programs to increase professional performance;

Increasing the quality of work is a need of the staff of social services, but the routes they chose are not always conducting them to the expected result; 54.90% of the respondents answered that they request the support of their colleagues in order to increase the work performance, 36.60% of respondents ask the support of managers of the service, 19.60% turn to the family members and 16,50 % do not ask for support.

Therefore, to address these needs, the organizers of the National Conference of Social Work in 2016 included a broad package of intervention methods specific to different categories of staff employed in social services, public and private, as well as professional supervision sessions.

During the conference, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Come into contact with approaches that help them develop effective working strategies;
  • Receive advice on difficult cases that have to manage;
  • Receive feedback on their actions and approach in intervention;
  • Receive support to find alternative answers and effective intervention in the cases they are working;
  • Review decisions in cases they work.

For details on the conference workshops and registration procedures, please access the website:

The conference is organized by Center for Continuing Education and Skills Assessment in Social Work, CFCECAS ( together with: the Association of Social Workers, ASproAS ( and the International Federation of Social Workers, IFSW (http: //



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